Spoiled and Zigo ‘More and More’ Tom Staar 2018 Remix

A sublime rendition of the 2000 classic, Tom Staar’s remix of Spoiled and Zigo’s ‘More and More’ brings a truckload of nostalgia back onto the dance floor. Armed with throbbing bass, fast-paced synth sequences and the original’s iconic vocals, this rendition makes the entire club circuit a better place.

Track List:

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Tom Staar Remix)  – OUT NOW!

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (CYA Remix) – OUT NOW

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Felon Remix) – Coming soon

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (BORDERLESS Remix) – Coming soon

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Chris Schweizer Remix) – Coming soon